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Photographs, 1906-2002

[Coppock Barn Complex, ca. 1956]
Click on a building to view photographs of it. Additional pictures of the entire Coppock barn complex can be found here. Vintage photographs (1906-1999) can be found here.

The above photograph, thought to have been taken around 1956 by Nelson Hoover of Tipp City, looks to the northwest. As of 2020, the only building still standing is the North Grain Storage bin.

The north wing of the Randall Residence of Tipp City now occupies virtually the entire area where the 1857 barn and its adjoining buildings once stood. The bright green rectangle in this 2019 Google image of the Randall Residence identifies the space the 1857 Coppock barn once occupied.

The structures comprising the Coppock barn complex were:

  • 1857 Barn: This was the oldest building in the complex of farm buildings, thought to have been built in 1857, or possibly 1858. Tax records show major improvements to the land in 1857 and 1858, very likely indicating the years when the farm house and barn were built. A family member born in the 1880s reported the barn was built before the house.
    Approximate Dimensions: 80 ft x 45 ft x 38 ft.

  • Milk House: The Milk House was used to store milk until it could be consumed or sold. A well inside the house supplied water to cool the milk. It probably dated to around 1900.
    Approximate Dimensions: 16 ft x 10 ft x 14 ft.

  • 1956 Silo: The silo stored food for cattle. It is thought to have been built sometime in the mid-1950s. No documentation has yet been found to precisely identify a build date.
    Approximate Dimensions: 60 ft x 18 ft (diameter).

  • 1939 Silo: The build date for this silo can be fixed fairly precisely, as a newspaper article early in 1940 referenced new structures being built on the farm. In addition, lettering on the silo read in part, "1824-1939". Presumably, this indicated the then owner's understanding of when the Homestead farm began, as well as the year when the silo was completed. Nothing has been found to date to substantiate 1824 as the beginning of the Coppock farm.
    Approximate Dimensions: 60 ft x 14 ft.

  • North Addition: The North Addition is also thought to have been built in 1939, or very close to it. It provided some shelter for cattle, as well as an area where they could feed. The 1939 silo could be accessed from the west side of this addition. Notably, the sill plate along the north wall of this addition was made from what was thought to be a rail from the Dayton and Troy Electric Railway line which passed near the farm from about 1901 until 1932.
    Approximate Dimensions: 40 ft x 20 ft x 20 ft.

  • North Grain Storage: Used to store seed and grain; probably dates to sometime in the 1950s.
    Approximate Dimensions: 12 ft x 15 ft (diameter).

  • South Addition: The South Addition likely dated to about the same time as the 1956 Silo. The addition was composed of an area where cattle could be sheltered, as well as detained until they could be milked each day. Adjacent to this area was the milking room with stanchions that held each cow as it was being serviced. Also included in this building was the room where milk was stored until it could be picked up by tanker truck.
    Approximate Dimensions: 70 ft x 30 ft x 28 ft.

  • South Extension: This structure probably dates to 1857, or sometime relatively soon after the 1857 barn was built. It likely served as shelter for farm animals, such as cattle and chickens, as well as a storage area for wagons and other farm implements.
    Approximate Dimensions: 45 ft x 20 ft x 18 ft.

  • South Grain Storage: Used to store seed and grain; probably dates to sometime in the 1950s.
    Approximate Dimensions: 28 ft x 18 ft (diameter).

  • Entire Barn Complex: Photographs substantially capturing the entire area where the various Coppock barn complex buildings stood.

  • Vintage Photographs (1906-1999): All photographs taken before 2000 of the Coppock barn and/or its associated buildings.

A 1/64 scale model of the Coppock Barn was constructed in 2022. The builder, Jack DeFord, estimates it took 250 to 300 hours to create and assemble the model. You can view it here. first appeared on December 16, 2016
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