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The Building of the Coppock Barn

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Author Title Publication Date Location Comment Link
Unknown In the Jaws of Death The Summit County Beacon 1889 Jun 05 Ohio - Akron Jacob Boerstler barn. Bent falls, injuring many. Article
Nizalowski, Ed Barn Raisings Brought the Community Together Press and Sun-Bulletin 2000 Jan 19 New York - Binghamton What a bran raising was and how it was done. Article
Unknown A Barn Raising Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 1909 Feb 03 Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh What a bran raising was and how it was done. Article
Unknown Damages Demanded The Akron Beacon Journal 1890 May 10 Ohio - Akron Lawsuit over injury suffered at a barn raising. See the article "In the Jaws of Death". Article
Unknown A Barn Raising The Buffalo Commercial 1909 Feb 09 New York - Buffalo What a bran raising was and how it was done. Article
Unknown Barn Raising The Brattleboro Daily Reformer 1922 Jul 10 Vermont - Brattleboro What a bran raising was and how it was done. Article
Unknown Barn Raising Meant High Old Time in Early Days; Jealousy Among Carpenters The Courier 1923 Aug 11 Iowa - Waterloo What a bran raising was and how it was done. Article
Unknown Killed at a Barn-Raising The Cincinnati Enquirer 1877 Oct 11 Ohio - Cincinnati Jacob Grove struck on the head and killed. Article
Unknown Instantly Killed The Dayton Herald 1900 Jan 17 Ohio - Dayton William Schwartz crushed by timber and killed. Article
Unknown Falling Timbers Crushed Farmers The Daily Herald 1905 Jun 01 Michigan - Port Huron Two killed and three injured. Article
Unknown A Barn Raising The Democratic Press 1882 Oct 05 Ohio - Ravenna Elmer Frost barn raising. Article
Unknown Barn Raising The Democrat-Sentinel 1908 Apr 02 Ohio - Logan Franciscos barn raising. Article
Unknown Clothes Catch Fire Blaze Under Kettle The Daily Times 1909 Nov 05 Ohio - New Philadelphia Lucinda Wherley dies from fire at barn raising. Article
Unknown Fatal Accident Bedford Gazette 1855 Jun 08 Pennsylvania - Bedford One killed, fifteen injured at Christian Caulley barn raising. Article
Unknown A Drunken Melee Carlisle Weekly Herald 1853 May 18 Pennsylvania - Carlisle Fight breaks out at a barn raising. Article
Unknown Murder Delaware Gazette 1859 Dec 16 Ohio - Delaware Man kills his brother after argument at a barn raising. Article
Unknown Accident Gettysburg Compiler 1833 Apr 16 Pennsylvania - Gettysburg One killed, one seriously injured at Jacob Hower barn raising. Article
Unknown Untitled Gettysburg Compiler 1825 Apr 27 Pennsylvania - Gettysburg Elizabet Eaton killed by large piece of timber falling on her at Joseph Eaton raising. Article
Unknown The Late Fatal Accident in Lancaster County Public Ledger 1855 May 24 Pennsylvania - Philadelphia Many killed or injured at Christian Charles barn raising. Article
Unknown Accident and Death The Daily Evening Express 1859 Jun 08 Pennsylvania - Lancaster Daniel Pfoutz dies of complications from crushed foot incurred at a barn raising. Article
Unknown Distressing Accident The Pittsburgh Gazette 1834 May 21 Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh William Waston killed by falling timber at a barn raising. Article
Unknown Untitled The Pennsylvania Gazette 1767 Jun 11 Pennsylvania - Philadelphia John Fish killed at a barn raising. Article
Unknown Terrible Accident The Sunbury Gazette, and Northumberland Republican 1855 May 26 Pennsylvania - Sunbury One man killed, fifteen injured at a barn raising. Article
Unknown A Great Barn-Raising The Semi-Weekly New Era 1892 Jun 04 Pennsylvania - Lancaster J. A. Alexander barn raising. Article
Leiterman, Adam There Was Work & Fun in Barn Raising The Sebewaing Blade and Unionville Crescent 1968 Jan 25 Michigan - Sebewaing Raising of the Max Lang barn in 1920. Article
Unknown Was Fatally Injured The News-Journal 1909 Jun 15 Pennsylvania - Lancaster John Rhoads killed at James Noble barn raising. Article
Hunter, John L. Old-Time Barn-Raising in Clarion County--How the Work is Done The News-Herald 1911 Jul 31 Pennsylvania - Franklin Edward Eisenman barb raising. Article
Unknown Killed at a Barn Raising The Marion Star 1901 Apr 16 Ohio - Marion 84-year-old William Mull killed by framework falling on him. Article
Unknown Three Killed at Barn Raising The Lancaster Examiner 1902 Aug 06 Pennsylvania - Lancaster Three men killed and several seriously injured at Willaim Geis barn raising in Accident, MD. Article
Landrigan, Steve Barn Raising Typical of American Spirit The Indiana Gazette 1971 Jul 03 Pennsylvania - Indiana What a bran raising was and how it was done. Article
The O'Callaghan Fond Memory The Herald-News 1951 Jun 26 New Jersey - Passaic Remembrances of barn raisings past. Article
Unknown Young Man Telegraph-Forum 1907 Oct 29 Ohio - Bucyrus Benjamin Shannon killed after being struck on the head with a spike pole at a barn raising. Article
McKinnon, Blair Raising the Roof: Old Photos Recall Barn-Raising Bee The Windsor Star 1969 May 03 Canada - Windsor, Ontario The raising of William McGuigan's barn in 1892. Article
Geiger, Henry A. Morning Call Photographer Spends Day With North Whitehall Farmers at Rising Sun 'Barn Raising Bee' The Morning Call 1938 Dec 05 Pennsylvania - Allentown Jacob Kuhns barn raising. Article
Krewer, Elaine Barn Raising Puts Together Pieces of the Rural Past Woodford County Journal 1989 Jul 20 Illinois - Eureka Barn raising at the Illinois Mennonite Heritage Center. Article
Unknown Barn-Raising Held to Assist Blind South Woodslee Farmer The Windsor Star 1946 May 14 Canada - Windsor, Ontario Adolph Armstrong barn raising. Article
Unknown County Barn Raising Brings Back Old Memories The Republic 1951 Jul 05 Pennsylvania - Meyersdale Clark Miller barn raising. Article
Cavanah, Cathy D. Barn-Raisings Remain a Tradition for Mennonites Messenger-Inquirer 1991 Jul 28 Kentucky - Owensboro Luke Hoover barn raising. Article
Cavanah, Cathy D. Coming Together for a Cause The Paducah Sun 1991 Sep 06 Kentucky - Paducah Luke Hoover barn raising. Article
Unknown Dawn-to-Dusk Pace Keeps Barn Raising 'One-Day' Job Sunday News 1946 Jun 30 Pennsylvania - Lancaster Lee and Lawrence Fox barn raising. Article Article
Unknown Museum's Barn Raising Photo to be on Television The Akron Beacon Journal 1993 Mar 21 Ohio - Akron 1880s Rohr barn raising photograph has become well-known. Article
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